Welcome to Blue Monkey, your Munich-based partner for translations and English-language services.

Translations, creative writing:

Tell us at Blue Monkey what you wish to achieve and who your target group is, and know that your texts are in the best possible hands. Different types of documentation require different approaches. Creativity and imagination are the order of the day for advertising texts, whereas objectivity is essential for newspaper articles, reports and the like. If you already have a text, let Blue Monkey know whether you need a one-to-one translation or prefer a more creative interpretation of it.


If you have an idea and prefer it to be developed in English from the start - maybe with the idea of having it translated into other languages later - have Blue Monkey write the copy, according to your brief.

Corrections, text adaptation and optimisation:

Send Blue Monkey your texts to be corrected, optimised and adapted to the specifications of your target market and group. Blue Monkey will ensure the consistency of the spelling, terminology, grammar and punctuation of your texts.


Blue Monkey will type up in flawless English your recorded meetings, lectures, speeches, interviews, etc., from your preferred format, and deliver in your chosen file format.

Personal guide:

It can be daunting, being faced with a foreign language and different customs. If you need help getting around and communicating with people at such events as trade fairs and exhibitions, call on Blue Monkey to be your guide. A native English speaker will ensure your success at such events, being au fait with both English and German language and customs.

Blue Monkey - for flexibility and dependability.